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Have Your Production Line Running at Full Capacity with a Roll Forming Machine
Have Your Production Line Running at Full Capacity with a Roll Forming Machine
November 17, 2016

With a roll forming machine, there is more to it than meets the eye. To invest in the best equipment, you will certainly want to look at the features of the machine, as this is what makes it easy to operate. Some of the amazing features include among others, cassette system, roll support shaft and shaft hydraulic control.

Take on Huge Projects

Often with a modern roll forming machine it will come with computer aided tooling designs and when you incorporate these CAD/CAM roll forming machines into your particular industry, your business automatically functions at its maximum potential. This equipment helps you create seams and flanges on metal sheets. Not only that, roll forming equipment is certainly superior to other metal forming processes simply because it can handle huge projects. Roll forming also makes it possible to produce longer lengths, simply providing the end cut you want as well as complex hole configurations, ensuring that shapes and dimensions are always 100 per cent accurate.

In the 21st century, every business has to excel - they need to cope with high volume production. A roll forming machine is a cost-effective way to shape metal into custom cross-section profiles. It is used by so many industries to produce parts for literally everything in the automobile- and aviation industries and many others. Roll forming is done with long strips of metal in coils. It allows for high volume production - far more efficient than press braking or stamping.

Roll forming equipment can also include other processes such as punching, thus reducing human labor even further. Industrial Equipment Designs Inc. (IED) is a roll forming manufacturer. With decades of experience behind them, they have all the capabilities to design and manufacture roll forming equipment to suit all of your production requirements.

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