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Is Roll Forming Better than Press Brake?
Is Roll Forming Better than Press Brake?
August 27, 2016

Roll forming is recommended to be used when creating components that require a consistent profile from end to end of the part’s length. This is done by running a coiled sheet of metal into rotating dies that are positioned in a horizontal series in order to create parts with cross sections that are uniform in shape. There are various sets of rolling dies and each of them changes to sheet metal in an incremental manner until the end profile is matched to the required one. The resulting material will be cut into lengths that are specified to be used for the final part. These processes achieve the best result with the help of roll forming equipment. There are many other bending operations such as the press brake, but roll forming is commonly used because of the benefits like lower cost, higher consistency, better quality, and less limitations to the process.

The low cost of roll forming is possible because of the speed of the process as well as the continuous operation. This creates higher volumes and reduces cost per part. There are other operations that can be done on the dies with the help of roll forming equipment such as perforating, punching, notching and many others which render secondary operations unnecessary.

The product of roll forming has a higher level of tolerance and higher uniformity among its parts. The level of accuracy is also better as well as the consistency. This is all true for individual parts as well as the entire production volume. Because of this, a lot can be saved in the assembly of the components. The rolling dies do not damage the soft sheet metal because of their gentle operation. This is recommended for metals that are already pre-plated, pre-coated or pre-painted, as well as for making components that require high quality precision. One of the unique advantages that roll forming has to offer is its ability to process two different materials in a simultaneous manner which in turn creates composite parts that are very durable.

There are many industries that make use of roll forming equipment; for example, the automotive industry. This is because of its accuracy as well as the speed with which the process is done. Components that are manufactured using roll forming have high tolerance which is for high-pressure industries. There are other industries that make use of roll forming: retail fixture and appliance industries, as well as material handling and alternative energy sectors.

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