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Roll Forming Machine: A Beginner’s Guide
Roll Forming Machine: A Beginner’s Guide
June 24, 2016

Roll forming machine manufacturing brings highly sought-after equipment to various industries. So what exactly is roll forming? Roll forming involves the continuous bending of sheet metal along a line of rollers. Each set of rollers bends the metal just a little more. At a certain stage, the cut off press cuts the metal in lengths which have been pre-determined. The beauty with these machines is that during the cutting of metal phase, the machine doesn't stop; once the metal is cut, it goes into the final stage where it is placed onto a roller table and removed.

The roll forming machine is a bonus in industrial settings. This is because it does not require external heat. Metal is bent at room temperature and there is no need to apply any other energy source. Roll forming is the answer to producing constant profile parts with long lengths, wherever large quantities of steel products are required.

Less Manpower, Less Error

These roll forming machines, some of which have laser cutting technology, are magnificently efficient in their automation. Now with CAD computer software, the machine is highly automated, requiring less manpower and less chance for human error. The 21st century is all about speed and immediacy. Be too slow and someone else gets the job. Roll forming machinery offers enormous advancement over manual cutting techniques.

There are many types of roll forming machines. In order to invest in the right roll forming machine, do your research and take into account various factors such as cost and quality. In a competitive industry, you need a machine you can rely on and which can function at its maximum potential. 

Making the Right Moves

Industrial Equipment Designs Inc. was established in 1994. The company has established itself as a roll forming machine manufacturer with decades of experience. They are THE authorities on roll forming machines and handle the entire roll forming manufacturing process from start to finish.

good points, automation is the way to go
Posted by: Lainey&& | November 17, 2016, 5:03 pm
Hi, can you show examples of the products that come out of roll forming?
Posted by: Jan L. | August 19, 2016, 10:32 pm
What is the difference between roll forming and brake forming?
Posted by: Maximillian | July 8, 2016, 7:55 pm
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