Industrial Equipment Designs Inc.
Designers and Manufacturers of
Coil Processing & Roll Forming Equipment

Fully Automated
Roll Forming Lines
Shaft and cantilever
style dual head
roll formers
Capable of producing
multiple width parts
Variable hole patterns
Fully Automated Roll Forming Lines
Roll Forming
Standard roll formers
Integrally mounted
hydraulic cut-off units
Produce dry wall
trims such as
cornerbeads and
furring channels
Standard Multi-Profile Roll Forming Lines
Roll Forming
Multiple hydraulic
pre-punch presses
post-punch press
cut-off press
Ideal for custom
roll forming
Custom Roll Forming Lines
High Speed
Stud Forming
Forms different
widths of metal
stud and track
without tooling
Very compact
and takes little
floor space
Can produce
at speeds of
350 feet per minute
High Speed Stud Forming Line

Welcome to IED, Industrial Equipment Designs Inc.

At Industrial Equipment Designs Inc. we specialize in manufacturing and designing custom roll forming and coil processing equipment developed to our clients' unique production requirements. With over 40 years of experience in our field, we have been providing our customers with quality products and services which are catered to their distinct specifications.

Let us meet your roll forming equipment needs with our state of the art equipment, capable of producing roll forming lines for a wide variety of industries. We offer the following types of designs: the standard gearbox, rafted stand type mills and cantilever and through shaft designs. Look no further for a roll forming manufacturer that can produce fully automated roll forming lines, multi-profile roll forming lines and custom roll forming lines. We also create complementary roll forming equipment and accessories for your machine.

In addition to paving the way as innovative roll forming machine manufacturers, we offer our clients a variety of follow up services. This includes repair and maintenance of mechanical and tooling components, hydraulic and electrical controls and troubleshooting. Rest assured we will provide you with insight and guidance throughout the roll forming equipment production process, beginning in the estimation stage through to delivery. Our commitment to excellence as roll forming manufacturers means that we do not compromise on quality or service.

We are proud to be the number one choice of businesses all over the world as a roll forming machine manufacturer. Clients trust in our proven ability to determine the best line to go with any application. Are you looking for a roll forming manufacturer who can provide a quotation to retrofit your existing equipment? Get in touch with us today and as experienced roll forming machine manufacturers, we’ll help you maximize production, minimize error and grow your business!

At Industrial Equipment Design we guarantee you:

  • Experienced designers and skilled manufacturing team
  • Fast turnaround
  • High quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • Custom designs