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Top Materials to Use Roll Forming Machines on
Top Materials to Use Roll Forming Machines on
February 08, 2017

Every roll forming manufacturer aims at creating valuable tooling for various materials. Common art work is crafted from simple materials to complex outfits that cannot be easily achieved without specialist tooling equipment. For the best results, you equally need to have the right selection of materials in your portfolio. This ensures that you get optimal results, without limiting your workmanship. Common materials you can flexibly work on using your roll formers include:


Best known for its sturdy and high tensile ability, steel can be best crafted using roll forming equipment. By having the right gauge of steel, you get assurance of excellent output without a limitation on the number of possibilities of products you can effectively craft from a single unit of material.

Stainless steel

Sourced from hardened steel, stainless steel adds a unique silvery outer coating guaranteeing a rust-free finish on every crafted component. At ideal, almost every roll forming manufacturer recognizes the need to have the right tooling facilities embedded on their wares. As a result, they combine tolling facilities for handling materials of varied tensile strengths, and bending requirements.


Medium to heavy gauged aluminum can be effectively molded in modern roll forming machines. Here, the user has to set the tooling edges to crafting precise components on lighter than normal materials.


Whether wrought, or processed, iron is a primary source material for most modern components. As a result, roll forming processes can be effectively tailored to meet the needs of various industrial and commercial needs.

To determine the best tooling combination for your roll forming processes, you need to have the right partnering supplier at heart. Industrial Equipment Designs Inc (IED) is the place you’ll have all your roll forming needs met. As an experienced roll forming manufacturer, we know what best matches your needs. 

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