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What Is The Work Of A Roll Forming Manufacturer?
What Is The Work Of A Roll Forming Manufacturer?
June 14, 2017

A roll forming manufacturer produces roll formed products. A manufacturer uses complex, specialized and detailed techniques and equipment to perform roll forming. Even though the technology has greatly improved over the years, roll forming principles are still the same. Manufacturing industries use roll-formed products on a daily basis. Roll forming manufacturers ensure that custom-made products are available on demand.

A roll forming manufacturer is responsible for manufacturing finely-detailed shapes from sheet metal.

The sheet metal could be thick or thin. The finished products after roll forming are of excellent, with no unpleasant marks or wrinkles. Some of the processes employed include:


Roll-formed sheet metal is easily bent. The shapes of the roll-formed metal can be curved to uniform diameters.


The metal is pierced simultaneously with the roll forming process. Pre-piercing is highly cost effective because it minimizes the cost of piercing tools.

Post piercing

Piercing is done after the sheet metal has been formed. It enables efficient handling of roll forming processes.

Forming in line

Raising parts of the metal and welding dimples, stops and projections can be done during the rolling process. Forming in line saves time and money as well as improves and maintains accuracy.

A roll forming manufacturer ensures that the shapes are not too deep and that the sheet metal is of uniform thickness for best results. They ensure that the metal is pierced in all the necessary places. The manufacturer can increase the metal’s thickness by folding it. It is critical that a manufacturer ensures that there are no weak portions of the products. The manufacturer’s work adds strength and rigidity of roll-formed products and ensures tighter tolerances. As such, roll forming manufacturers must be flexible, reliable and innovative in order to meet the requirements of clients both in technical expertise and customer service. 

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