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Five Questions to Ask Your Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer
Five Questions to Ask Your Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer
March 23, 2017

Five Questions to Ask Your Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer


There are certain questions you should ask your roll forming machine manufacturer. There is more to knowing which machine to get than just the price. Before you even consider buying a specific roll forming machine, do some research first, this will help the decision making process go smoother. Once you have a general idea of what you are looking for, approach your roll forming machine manufacturer with specific questions and get their recommendations. Although the price of the machine is an important factor when making your considerations, it should not be used as the sole guiding factor when making your final decision. Here are five important questions you need to ask your roll forming machine manufacturer:


What is the availability of the spare parts?

Roll forming machines are likely to have technical breakdowns during their service life, this is why it is important to know if the parts of your machine are easily accessible and available. A good machine should have their spare parts readily and affordably accessible in the market. Older machines may be reliable, but you want to make sure that they still manufacture the parts for them. Your roll forming machine manufacturer should guide you on where the spares for the machine are retailed, and possibly the price range for the spares.


What is the average operational cost of the machine?

Oftentimes, every machine will come with a seasonal or daily expense, this can include electricity, maintenance, etc. It is important to establish the manufacturer’s view of the machine’s operational cost because they will take into consideration your budget and the capabilities of your facility. The lower the operational cost, the more suitable the machine should be in helping you meet your operational business needs.


What is the service life of the machine?

Though dependent on several non built-in factors, every machine has a recommended service life. The longer the service life, the stronger and better developed the machine. By acquiring a roll forming machine matching your preferred duration before the next upgrade is recommended. For example, if your company has a 5-year overhaul plan for the roll forming machines, it is meaningless to acquire a machine with a 15-year service value. However, the longevity of service life should also be matched with the expected scrap value of the machine at the end of its service life. 


How precise is the roll forming machine?

Different machines are designed to work with different degrees of precision. For the best results, a good roll forming machine should have a precision of 0.01mm or higher. As a marketing tool, manufacturers may at times deploy the precision as marketing bait for customers looking for higher precision. To avoid falling prey of the trap, be sure to conduct your survey from experienced professionals or online on what the best precision for your job requirements should be. A well-established roll forming machine manufacturer will be able to help you see through any marketing tactics and find the best roll forming machine best suited to your needs.


How modern is the underlying technology?

With a roll forming machine manufacturer having the best knowledge on the nature of the technology involved in crafting the machine, there is need to know how current and relevant the underlying technology is.


For any further questions regarding various roll forming equipment, please contact IED Inc. We are a leading roll forming machine manufacturer offering superior roll forming machines and service. 

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