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The Roll Forming Family of Equipment
The Roll Forming Family of Equipment
February 24, 2017

Crafted to serve multi-industrial needs, roll forming equipment comes in different shapes, designs and outfits. At IED Inc. we specialize in bringing you the finest collection of roll forming facilities. Our family of roll tooling equipment lie in various classes as detailed below.

Roll forming machines

These are specialty machines designed to create surface even impressions on metallic surfaces, especially roofing sheets. Innovative outcomes can also be crafted from the machines yielding the wavy, box or square grooves on roofing sheets.

Gutter forming machines

Crafting gutters for water harvesting can be more effective than when you have the right gutter forming machine. This specialty class of roll forming equipment allows for the creation of superior and more precise gutters of either the flowing or the box type. Though crafted for the sole purpose, it comes with additional tooling facilities such as uncoilers and decoilers aimed at making your gutters better, firmer and more durable.


Presses are impression creating machines designed to offer unique features. Though they can be used independently, best results are attained when used in combination with other roll forming machines. This allows for the attainment of unique products.

At IED Inc, we specialize in crafting durable roll forming equipment by embedding the finest features on each. As a commitment, we aim at making every product we develop both unique and as easy to use as possible. Whether looking for a roll forming machine, or a press, IED is the right place for you. We have the finest collection of equipment, all crafted to precision to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. As a mastered skill perfected by our vast experience, we embed the finest craft in every product we design, with the aim of giving you the most efficient roll working experience. We provide only the best.

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