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Roll forming machine manufacturers who care
Roll forming machine manufacturers who care
April 15, 2017

Whether looking for floor decking, roofing, racking or highway guardrail former, Industrial Equipment Design Inc is the ideal place for you. We are a family business with deep roots in developing the finest and high precision roll forming machines of all classes. With over six decades in spinning the wheel, we know what constitutes the ideal roll forming equipment you need. Over the years we’ve learned and perfected the integral parts of modern roll forming technologies. As a result, we are notches ahead in developing industrial and commercial production lines for almost every metal handling facility.

In addition to having a well nurtured culture of excellence, we also pride in having the finest engineering expertise. With our engineering talent being sourced from the cream of North America’s finest Engineers, we are always confident in giving our customers the best. As you desire in getting the best, we not only give a blind look at the horizon, but a well defined course of action, all aimed at meeting and exceeding your design and performance specifications. Our award winning roll forming machine manufacturersfacility is always committed to flawlessly executing your design specifications with super precision.

An excellent engineering expertise is always blended with a well tailored customer service. That’s why we have an equally refined team of customer service, dedicated to addressing all of your concerns without drama, and within the shortest turnaround time possible. As a global leader in the roll forming machine manufacturers of our age, our customer service team is accessible around the clock.

To give our products a fresh look, our engineers are always thinking and crafting the next generation machines. This means that out technology never gets out of style. It only passes the test of time every time our roll forming machine manufacturer’s expertise is put to test. 

Great service and advice!
Posted by: Trish V. | June 14, 2017, 10:40 pm
Thanks IED for being a reliable roll forming machine manufacturer!
Posted by: Shirley P. | May 24, 2017, 9:23 pm
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