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The Different Types of Roll Forming Machines
The Different Types of Roll Forming Machines
September 27, 2016

There are various types of machines used in rolling metals into shape. The type depends on the number of spindles used in creating various shapes as may be considered appropriate. The spindles are normally mounted on the baseplates of the roll forming machine, creating a base table for the rolling process. Once mounted on the baseplate, the rolls are then aligned with the spindles, whose rotation rolls the metals to shape. For excellent results, spacers are used to hold the rolls in position, while allowing the spindles to easily act on the mounted metal sheets or rods.


Single duty roll forming machines

These are designed to work on a particular cross-section of the profile connected to the spindles. Each roll is also strategically positioned at a point where it an easily work on the rods, while creating ease of changing without interfering with the functionality of the other spindles.


Standardized rolling machines

They are designed with their outbound supports being easily accessible to the operators. As a result, the working tool (spindle) can be easily removed, changed or adjusted to yield different profiles on the same material being rolled.


Side-by-side machines

These are designed to accommodate multiple profiles, each containing more than one set of rolling tools. With the tools being mounted on the spindle’s shaft, their control can be easily done since all the spindles have the working tools being controlled by a single shaft.


Double headed machines

Advanced in their working capability, double-headed machines have two separate sets of housings and rolling shafts. The shafts are arranged and designed facing one another, with their housings being highly adjustable to different widths.


Rafted machines

The last class of roll forming machines includes rafted machines, whose housings and spindle shafts have a particular common rolling tools mounted on them.


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For more information about roll forming machines in greater detail, check out this great book by Taylan Altan and A. Erman Tekkaya

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