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What Roll Forming Machine Manufacturers Bring to the Table
What Roll Forming Machine Manufacturers Bring to the Table
July 08, 2016

Roll forming machine manufacturers supply Ontario’s growing demand for innovative and reliable roll forming machinery. Roll forming is a very cost effective method for large volume loads. This is one of the many reasons so many machine shops are utilizing roll forming technology to keep up with increasing modern demands. During the process of roll forming, sheet metal is continuously bent with a roll set in order to achieve a desired shape. Roll forming machine manufacturers make sure that their machinery is versatile, so as to create many different kinds of profiles.

Roll Forming VS Brake Forming

What is the difference between roll forming and brake forming? In orders that have a volume range of medium size to large, roll forming offers many advantages compared to brake forming. Roll forming is able to process higher volumes of product with higher accuracy. It is vital for roll forming machine manufacturers to provide everything necessary for a smooth business operation such as roll formers, uncoilers, straighteners, flatteners, slitters, curving machines, pre-piercing and cut to length presses, embossing presses, and all the accessories that a vibrant business could need.  

Why is Roll Forming a Cost Effective Process?

Common applications of roll forming are in the machining, automotive, electrical, and aerospace industries. Roll forming machines can process various types of steel such as stainless, ferrous, and nonferrous. These multipurpose machines can also handle polished surfaces and pre-coated materials. To reduce wear on the machinery, roll forming machine manufacturers recommend the use of lubricants. Lubrication is beneficial because it provides a protective barrier between roll dies and the work piece. Proper lubrication on the roll forming machinery also enables for workloads to be processed faster. Popular lubricants include water-soluble oils, chlorinated oils, and mineral oils. Various waxes and films can also be used. Always consult with reputable roll forming machine manufacturers to find out which lubricants are best to use for the material being worked on. 

roll forming is super important, people often forget its utility
Posted by: Jacks0n | November 17, 2016, 5:04 pm
is brake forming an antiquated method?
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Thanks for the info!
Posted by: Max | August 19, 2016, 10:33 pm
Do you offer maintenance services like repair?
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